8 August 2018
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August 2018


Spring of 2018 brought a host of changes for Pro-Par Inc, a member of the Granby Industries group. The Sherbrooke based company has just welcomed four Costa Rican employees to fill welder-assembler positions in order to meet its production needs. For 40 years now, Pro-Par and its employees at both our Sherbrooke and Aylmer, Ontario plants work to ensure that our LPG storage tanks are produced to the highest standards. The loyalty of this team has, until recently, enabled Pro-Par to remain self-sufficient in terms of recruitment and has helped avoid the consequences of the steel industry’s recent labour shortages. However, the rapid growth of the company is now urging recruitment managers to find innovative solutions to attract young skilled labor.



For these young Costa Ricans, the opportunity to work in Quebec represents much more than just a job. This is a golden opportunity to practice their expertise in a completely different social context and to acquire new knowledge and understanding of the workings of the Canadian Manufacturing Industry.

“For these young workers trying to adapt to the conditions and culture of a new country, their thoughts are with their loved ones and their living conditions, which can be worrisome. Costa Rican workers are truly enthusiastic about their new working reality and the possibility of offering their families a much better future.”, said Annie Auger, HR Coordinator at Pro-Par.



Their Canadian adventure began last October. Contacted by JM Recrutement International’s agents, Mélanie Fontaine and Jose Solano, the candidates were offered the opportunity to apply for welder- assembler positions and took part in a pre-selection tests. After validating their qualifications and their interest, the immigration process began which included passport and work permits, finding accommodations and basics such as bank accounts, grocery stores, driver’s licenses, insurance and much more: workers have been supported at every steps.



Glenn Buck, General Manager at Pro-Par, “crucial to the success of these workers having a positive impact on our production was the method in which these workers were intergraded into the everyday workings of our manufacturing group. The key to the success of these workers integration was the help from our production team to get them trained and autonomous quickly.”

Time and commitment will surely be the key to the long term success of this project. The Costa Rican workers are well supported by a dedicated team to meet every day professional and human challenges.



From left to right : David Lister, Adam Hartwell, Texlor José Orozco Alpizar, Schuyler Marrotte, Danny Camirand, Kedyn Ivan Estrada Zuniga, José Rafaèl Chaves Benavides, Neil Fequet, Kenneth Anibal Thomas Gonzalez, Alain Lefebvre, Annie Auger