18 May 2018
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Granby’s OptiFuel automatic Oil De-aerator is the new value-added product designed by Granby’s team of experts. Always mindful at offering the best value and solutions allowing its customers to make the most of their oil heating equipment, Granby Industries is proud to launch this new accessory to the oil heating market.

Engineered by Granby Industries innovation and development team, this brand-new device removes air bubbles commonly and invisibly present in the heating oil. It’s been proven that air-free oil burns cleaner and more efficiently. This link between heating oil and heating oil systems offer an increased performance and added reliability to the entire oil heating system not to mention increased protection against environmental oil spills’. Driven by new technologies brought to the North American oil heating industry, the Granby OptiFuel oil de-aerator is offered in three models, one model without built-in high efficiency oil filter and 2 models with built-in 10µM, 10USGPH and 17 USGPH easy spin-on oil filter. The OptiFuel oil de-aerator is fully compatible with Granby Industries complete range of storage tanks and Granby Heating Products’ heating equipment.

As always, our customers can rely on Granby’s great warranty and best in the market customer service to support this new accessory. Our dedicated network of oil suppliers, distributors, tank installers and service technicians is available to answer your questions and help you obtain your Granby OptiFuel oil de-aerator.

Granby Industries will be at Eastern Energy Show in Foxwood, CT from May 20 to May 23, 2018.

Visit us at booth #715 and outdoor exhibit E to see the OptiFuel automatic Oil De-aerator in action and discover our complete range of heating appliances. That’s a great occasion to discuss with our team of experts. More info about the Eastern Energy Show


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