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Enjoy complete control of your comfort with a Conforto Electric furnace!


Our Electric Furnaces include our intelligent ConfortMax modulation system. This modulation system analyzes every heating cycle in real-time and adapts heating output accordingly. This means undesired temperature swings are avoided, and you benefit from consistent ambient temperature at all times. Maximum control for total comfort.

Our ConfortMax system also eliminates short cycles, which increases your electric components’ durability and long-term reliability. Your Conforto Electric Furnace will deliver outstanding performance for years to come.

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Our Conforto Electric Furnaces offer a QuietComfort feature which continuously recirculates air, providing a more even ambient temperature between the different floors and rooms in your home. Allowing you to keep control of your comfort is our commitment!

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Our Conforto Electric Furnaces are designed for easy installation and maintenance. We also offer two different model configurations to best suit your needs. Our LowBoy Conforto Furnace (KLE) is ideal when transitioning from an oil furnace; it adapts easily to the existing ventilation ducts. Our HiBoy Conforto Furnace (KHE) allows an installation with a smaller footprint or multiposition installation; upflow, downflow and horizontal, left or right.