Conforto BGC-01 Oil Boiler - Gas Boiler - Granby Industries
Conforto BGC-01 Oil Boiler - Gas Boiler - Granby Industries

The Conforto Cast Iron Boiler is a value-added solution for today’s heating systems. Our boilers are efficient and versatile. What’s more, their performance and superior quality offer you peace of mind. 

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The Conforto Cast Iron Boiler has an energy efficiency rating of at least 87%. Furthermore, it is Energy Star® listed. Conforto heating equipment is built to deliver outstanding performance. You can rely on our cast irons boiler to deliver optimal results.

Features advanced high-efficiency triple pass heat exchanger design for efficient heat and water transfer.



We offer a wide range of boilers with different heating capacities to meet your needs precisely. Furthermore our boilers can operate on oil or gas. So whether you are looking for a gas cast iron boiler or an oil cast iron boiler, we have the hydronic heating equipment that you are looking for.

Are you searching for an environmentally solution? Look no further! Our boilers are compatible for use with biofuels!
*relating to component certification limits


Our boilers allow for simplified maintenance. They have been designed and fabricated with you in mind.  They offer easy access to component for hassle free maintenance and repair.
What’s more, they boast an electronic control and reliable safety device.

Optimize the performance of your oil heating equipment even further using our Optifuel automatic oil de-aerator

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General Characteristics

  • High efficiency triple pass design for greater performance
  • European GG20 cast iron material
  • High quality thermal insulation
  • Electronic security and operation control
  • Low water cut-off control available
  • Heating water temperature modulation option according to the outside temperature
  • Oil and gas combustion *
  • Available in Chimney and Direct Vent Application**
  • Convenient accessory tappings
  • Limited lifetime warranty

* Gas application CSA approval pending ** See Granby DVS manual for details