Conforto Electric Boiler - Granby Industries
Conforto Electric Boiler - Granby Industries

CONFORTO Electric boiler – “AT” SERIES C

Our Conforto Electric Boiler is 100% efficient, reducing energy consumption and costs. It uses a probe in an immersion well that continuously transmits water temperature to an advanced microprocessor. The microprocessor reacts by powering only the needed elements to meet real-time demand. Steady and uniform heat is always maintained, guaranteeing maximum comfort.


  • An Advanced Microprocessor Control: Elements energize individually, with additional elements energizing as needed to meet demand, thus reducing electrical costs. The start-up element is rotated (similar to your car’s spark plugs), so run time is balanced across all elements for longevity.
  • No Short-Cycling: The AT Series utilizes a sensor connected to a probe in an immersion well to determine demand continuously. This configuration transmits water temperature back to the control board, allowing the unit to maintain steady, even heat using only the elements needed to meet demand. This eliminates the cost and inconvenience of short cycling.
  • An Advanced Load Managing Controller: Gives you the option to allow your utility or electric co-op to control the boiler, reducing peak demands remotely.  Compatible with Hydro Quebec Bi-Energie program and eligible for many utility/government grants.


With the AT Series Electric Boiler, safety is paramount. Foremost, there is no combustion and, therefore, no risk of harmful carbon monoxide emissions. Additional safety features include:

  • Built-in brownout protection and safety monitoring. During a brownout, the control board senses incoming voltage and shuts down the unit to prevent circuit damage. The boiler automatically resets when the voltage is back to normal. The boiler also utilizes an auto-reset fuse on the control board and a replaceable fuse for the low voltage wiring. This protects the board in the event of higher-than-average power.
  • Operating limit with backup high limit protection
  • Relays per element and audible alarm/fault codes


Our Conforto Electric Boiler is compact with integrated brackets, allowing for a wall-mount installation. Installation is simple, with minimal floor space required.

Conforto Electric Boiler - Granby Industries


Our Conforto Electric Boiler comes in various configurations to best suit your home’s heating needs.

• 2 Element Boiler (from 6 kW to 12 kW)
• 4 Element Boiler (from 12 kW to 24kW)
• Modular Boiler Configurations (40 kW+)

Contact your heating specialist or oil supplier for a quote! Choose a boiler

General Characteristics

  • Designed to work seamlessly with other hydronic heat sources
    • Electric-Wood
    • Electric-Oil
    • Electric-Solar
    • Electric-Natural / Propane Gas
  • Software-based “Smart” Board
  • Four modes of operation for maximum energy savings
  • Constant monitoring of water temperature
  • Will always use the minimum number of elements to supply heating load
    • Maximizes efficiency and reduces operation costs
  • Intelligent control
    • Modulates elements for even wear
  • Outdoor reset capable with sensor included
  • LED diagnostic for operation and services
  • Two activation relays per heating element
    • Added protection for control board
  • Circulating pump activation from electronic board
  • 2 or 3 conductors main electrical wire connection