Conforto MAC Gas Boiler - Granby Industries
Conforto MAC Gas Boiler - Granby Industries

Our versatile Conforto MAC Gas Boiler, is a combi boiler, able to heat your home and your domestic hot water (DHW) in one compact unit. It is a powerful heat source compatible with all types of hydronic systems; such as baseboard radiators, radiant in-floor heating, wall-mount and free-standing radiators and heated towel racks. Our MAC residential boiler is available in a wide range of capacities and we, therefore, have a model able to meet your home heating needs precisely.  It is undeniably the perfect solution for your home heating needs.


Our Conforto MAC Combi Boiler provides both your Home heating and your domestic hot water (DHW) in one super-efficient on-demand appliance, eliminating the need for a traditional tank-style water heater. Our models provide from 2.5- 5 gallons of domestic hot water (DHW). Therefore, thanks to our combi boiler, you can enjoy instant hot water and savings!

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Our Conforto MAC Gas Boiler has a small footprint perfect for an out of the way installation! Furthermore, it’s available in a wall-mount (MAC) or floor standing configuration (MACF). We have options, so that your installation is as easy as possible.

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Our Conforto MAC Gas Boiler has gas adaptive Technology that automatically detects the type of gas being used, propane (LP) or natural gas. Therefore, whether you are looking to replace a Propane Boiler or Natural Gas Boiler, our combi boiler is the perfect solution.


Our boilers come loaded with industry leading innovations that set our Conforto MAC Gas Boiler apart.

  • State-of-the-art technology
    Continuously tested and improved by our experienced team of Engineers.
  • Advanced materials and engineering
    Years of worry-free performance, quiet operation, a sleek appearance.
  • Exchanger Preheat Function
    For instant domestic hot water at desired temperature
  • Plus additional safety features
    For a worry free operation


The advanced control with artificial intelligence [AI] continuously calibrates to ensure safe, reliable and highly efficient operation.

Conforto MAC Gas Boiler - AI

Save Energy!
Thanks to our our High-Efficiency MAC Gas Boiler with an control with artificail intelligence [AI], you will save energy effortlessly by reducing the amount of gas used. Indeed, it automatically modulates the gas input, using more gas when needed to provide heat or domestic hot water (dishwasher, washer, and shower running simultaneously) and less gas when use is low. Because our boilers meet your needs precisely, you will reduce your energy consumption and consequently your utility costs. In the end, our HE boilers results in savings for you!

Save Money!
Furthermore, our Conforto MAC Gas Boiler has been put to the test and and has delivered certified results! Thanks to a 95% AFUE* rating and ENERGY STAR® certification, our MAC Gas Boiler can qualify for provincial, federal, or local utility company rebates.

Eco Friendly!
What’s more, thanks to our High Efficiency Conforto MAC Gas Boiler, nearly all gas used is converted into heat for your Home. You’ll not only save money, but you’ll reduce your environmental footprint as well. It is clear that choosing our HE Gas Boiler is an environmentally conciousness choice that you can feel good about.

*Heating equipment efficiency is measured by the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratio. It measures how efficiently fuel is transformed into heat for your home. The higher the AFUE rating, the greater the efficiency and reduction in fuel consumption.


Hydronic heating radiates a comfortable, cozy warmth. A difference you’ll love to feel.

Our energy efficient (HE) gas boilers heat the water circulating throughout your home, which in turn continuously radiates a uniform and conformable heat.

Enjoy the Ultimate Comfort when paired with radiant floor heating. A proven system with the latest technologies.

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