Wall Hung Condensing Gas Boiler

Compact, light and efficient

Heating capacities ranging from 80 to 174 MBH

Ideal for your home heating and hot water needs

LP or Natural Gas fired

Flexible venting options to suit different installation requirements

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General Characteristics

  • The Pensotti Solenne Condensing series consists of six different models with three different maximum heating capacities ranging from 80 to 174 MBH
  • Heating only, Combination Heat and Hot Water, and Combination with Micro Hot Water Storage models make the Solenne series the most versatile line available today
  • The Pensotti Solenne Condensing boiler can be fired with either propane or natural gas using a simple conversion process
  • Flexible venting options of either Concentric or Twin Pipe Polypropylene venting allow the Solenne Condensing series to be customized to fit installation requirements in any home