Granby Storage Tanks manufactures and distributes residential and light commercial tanks for the storage of petroleum products. We offer the safest tanks you can buy on the market.

Stationary Tanks

Granby Storage Tanks offers a complete range of light industrial tanks with capacities ranging from 227 L (50 gal) to 9 175 L (2 000 gal). Thanks to its 64+ years of engineering and manufacturing experience, you choose reliability, durability and peace of mind.

Residential Oil Tanks

Our residential oil tanks are the most reliable tanks you can find on the market. Our double-bottom steel, 2-in-1 HDPE plastic with secondary containment and fiberglass tank models will provide homeowners with complete peace of mind.


We offer a complete range of ULC compliant installation accessories and replacement parts for oil tanks. Learn more about our OptiFuel oil de-aerator, level gauges, shut-off valves, fill and vent caps, oil filters and many more…

Discontinued products

Legacy Products. Download documentation