Double bottom oil tank for added safety


This double bottom tank comes with a primary tank leakage monitoring system


The electrostatic powder-coated paint offers good resistance against external corrosion

Made of robust material


The best warranty* on the market: 25 years against manufacturing defects and internal corrosion. (*See warranty certificate for details.)

Contact your heating specialist or oil supplier for a quote!


Product # Capacity (US gal.) Model Gauge thickness Dimensions
H / W / L
Weight (lb.)
244201 275 vert. 12 44" / 27" / 60" 290
245201 330 vert. 12 44" / 27" / 72" 334

General Characteristics

  • Double-bottom design for utmost protection against leaks
  • Visual primary tank monitoring system
  • Welded lap joint: the strongest one
  • Standard dimensions of the tank and positioning of the NPT openings for simple and easy retrofit installation
  • Two large grip handles on both sides for greater ease of manipulation
  • The handles are recessed and never in the way
  • Phosphate washed and oven-dried paint coated
  • Light color paint finish such that condensation is less likely to occur within the tank
  • Robust tank leg brackets welded to the tanks. Optional legs are also available.
  • All tanks are factory pressure tested prior to shipping

Technical Specifications

  • UL 80 certified
  • Made from ASTM A-1011 steel
  • NPT female threaded openings
  • Available in 1/2" bottom outlet
  • Pressure tested at 5 PSIG
  • Operation at atmospheric pressure only
  • External surface: washed and phosphated
  • External finish: beige electrostatic powder paint