Double bottom oil tank with exterior polyurethane coating and UV-protection


This double bottom tank comes with a primary tank leakage monitoring system


With its heavy duty polyurethane and UV protection coatings, the tank offers enhanced protection against external corrosion and improved UV resistance

Made of robust material


The best warranty* on the market: 30 years against manufacturing defects, internal and external corrosion. (* See warranty certificate for details.)

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Product # Capacity (US gal.) Model Gauge Thickness Dimensions H / W / L Weight (pounds)
244201P 275 Vertical 12 44" / 27" / 60" 295
245201P 330 Vertical 12 44" / 27" / 72" 340

General Characteristics

  • Double-bottom design for utmost protection against leaks
  • Visual primary tank monitoring system
  • Welded lap joint: the strongest one
  • Standard dimensions of the tank and positioning of the NPT openings for simple and easy retrofit installation
  • Two large grip handles on both sides for greater ease of manipulation
  • The handles are recessed and never in the way
  • Sandblasted and coated with polyurethane, UV-resistant paints
  • Light color paint finish such that condensation is less likely to occur within the tank
  • Robust tank leg brackets for greater stability
  • All tanks are factory pressure tested prior to shipping

Technical Specifications

  • UL-80 certified
  • Made from ASTM A-1011 steel
  • NPT female threaded openings
  • Available in 1/2" bottom outlet
  • Pressure tested at a minimum of 5 PSIG
  • For use at atmospheric pressure only