6 June 2017
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June 2, 2017

Announcing the Launch of Granby Industries’ New Website

Granby Industries is proud to announce the official launch of its new website, which aims at showcasing all of Granby Industries’ products and services in a simple and structured way.

The revamped website truly reflects Granby Industries’ evolution:
Θ Dynamic
– The visual aspect represents what we do and endorses our expertise in the industry
– Granby Industries is continuously evolving as a company

Θ Flexible
– The website attends to, not only our wholesalers’, installers’ or homeowners’ requests, but also to business partners and future employees
– Granby Industries offers related products and services to residential, commercial and industrial markets.

Θ A leader in the industry
– Contractors can promote their business on our website so that homeowners can contact them directly
– Complete documentation is available for perusal and download
– Value-added tools like Instant Quotes (Granby Composites) are available
– Granby Industries evolves in three segments: fuel / water storage tanks; heating products; propane. The new brand architecture is illustrated on the following page.

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We hope that you will appreciate this new platform.


Pierre Fournier