4 July 2024
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Cowansville, July 4, 2024 – Granby Industries is proud to announce the celebration of its 70th anniversary. To mark this special occasion, 185 employees took part in an inspiring event where guest speaker, Commander Robert Piché, encouraged everyone to persevere despite difficult times and to trust themselves.

Since its creation, Granby Industries has acquired several companies and has established itself as a key player in the heating, air conditioning and storage industry. Throughout the year, our Cowansville team focused on renewing its workforce through recruitment and internal mobilization. We are particularly proud of our 10-year average seniority rate for all our employees.

Through skills development and training, we have encouraged internal promotion and created new management positions focused on empowerment and team collaboration. Our new managers encourage inclusive decision-making, contributing to a positive and dynamic corporate culture.

"The many benefits of our efforts are already being felt, both in terms of human resources and in the development of innovative products. We are proud of our recent advances in energy-efficient electrical products and heat pumps, among other innovations. These initiatives have contributed to a 60% increase in sales in the HVAC industry, a success that our employees are actively celebrating and of which we are all very proud," said Pierre Fournier, President of Granby Industries.

Aware of our environmental responsibility and committed to innovation, all our products are now biodiesel-certified, in line with the market trend towards renewable energies.

In this year of celebration of our 70th anniversary, Granby Industries continues to be a partner of choice in the heating, air conditioning and storage industry, while adapting to different energy sources. Our rich history is focused on a future of innovation and growth.

About Granby Industries:

Granby Industries is committed to providing a seamless customer experience, embracing new technologies and expanding its product line. With a solid foundation built on trust, integrity and quality, Granby Industries is poised to continue its legacy of excellence for many years to come. For more information, visit www.granbyindustries.com.

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