15 August 2019
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Cowansville – August 15th, 2019: Today marks the end of the consolidation of the company’s activities into a single site in Cowansville. Announced in February 2018, the relocation took place throughout the spring and summer of 2019. Now under one roof, manufacturing, distribution and management teams are 100% operational. This will enable the company to increase productivity by modernizing its manufacturing processes, providing its employees with an improved work environment, and maintaining its status as a North American leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of steel tanks for the safe storage of liquid fuels.

“The $ 8.5 million investment in our new plant goes well beyond expansion and the addition of new equipment. This is a new mode of operation based on the complete integration of automation in each of the manufacturing stages. After 65 years of existence, we are proud to begin a smarter production era, “says Pierre Fournier, President.


Producing more efficiently

With a site totaling 110,000 sq. Ft. and new state-of-the-art equipment, Yves Legault, Vice President of Operations, is looking forward to seeing his production double. “Modernizing and automating manufacturing processes such as folding, component assembly, painting and packaging will help provide customers with superior products while providing the production team with more ergonomic and safe ways to work,” says Mathieu Beauregard, Director of Operations. The operational gains will be numerous thanks to the centralization of all the departments and the improvement of the processes.


Together towards innovation

Since the integration of their new workplace last May, production employees have benefited from a better ventilation system and more natural light. The administrative section has been completely redesigned by presenting workstations and collaborative spaces that bring teams together and allowing the company to add talents in the future. “The relocation project led us to question the improvement of the experience that our employees live with. We kept this approach in mind throughout all decision-making with regard to the layout of work areas and the addition of new services to employees,” explains Monique Moisan, Director of Human Resources.

(From left to right, Terravest Industries Members of the Board : Pierre Fournier, Dale Laniuk, George Armoyan, Charles Pellerin, Yves Legault, Dustin Haw, Mick MacBean, Blair Cook)

A positive impact

The arrival of Granby Industries in the municipality of Cowansville reflects the company’s desire to preserve jobs in the region although 75% of its production is destinated to the American market; the new plant has led to the opening of a week-end shift and the creation of at least a dozen new jobs. The plant is part of a new era in manufacturing and the company intends to be at the forefront of technological and environmental innovation. The company is committed to reducing its environmental impact and has recently initiated a Green Committee to regularly review its progress and implement new ideas.


About Granby Industries

Since its foundation in 1954, Granby Industries has become the North American leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of tanks for the safe storage and distribution of liquid fuels and heating equipment.

Powered by the energy of its multidisciplinary team, Granby Industries strives to offer all of its employees a work environment that meets the quality of the products it offers to North American markets.

Likewise, we adhere to a rigorous environmental policy. We pay particular attention to the impacts resulting from our actions as much in the manufacturing stages of our products as at the consumers.


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