15 May 2023
Published in News

Granby Industries would like state that their steel oil tank products fabricated to UL/ULC standards with ASTM 1011-A steel are compatible with renewable combustible liquids such as Biofuels.

As a North American leader in the storage tank manufacturing industry for combustible liquid fuels, and with our vision of protecting the next generation through decarbonization of the oil heat sector, we are pleased to inform you that our tank products manufactured using ASTM 1011-A steel are compatible with all grades of Biofuels ranging from B5 to B100. Several independent studies have been conducted to support this statement to include Oak Ridge National Lab which was sponsored by DOE (Department of Energy) in collaboration with Underwriters Laboratory (UL), NREL, SwRI, DNV and STI. Steel’s consistent performance makes it the dominant material used in our nation’s infrastructure. Railcars, pipelines, holding tanks, terminal tanks, and dispensing equipment are all made of steel. Steel remains the best choice to contain today’s biofuels.

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