Granby Heating Products offers an extensive range of heating products for enhanced home comfort.  Oil-fired, gas fired or electric, we have the heating solution that will keep you warm and comfortable during those cold seasons

Conforto Forced-Air Oil Furnaces

Discover our full range of Conforto oil-fired residential warm air furnaces that align perfectly with today’s energy and environmental requirements. Our condensing model offers up to 96.7% efficiency (AFUE). Some models can be converted to gas.

Conforto Electric Furnaces

Both our Hiboy and Lowboy Series have the ComfortMax and QuietComfort features which use energy modulation intelligence to supply only the required amount of energy for your everchanging heating load. Go for electric, go for our Conforto Modulating Electric Furnaces.

Conforto Oil and Gas Boilers

Our Conforto Cast Iron Boilers triple pass design offer efficiencies of up to 87% (AFUE). Learn more about our versatile boiler, which can be fueled with oil, propane or natural gas and satisfy your domestic water needs with the addition of any of the industry’s fine indirect water heaters.

Conforto Electric Boiler

Our Conforto Modulating Electric Boilers are built tough with advanced electronic controls and operation algorithms to maximize energy savings. Offered in heating capacities ranging from 6 to 24kW.

Panel Radiators and Towel Warmers

Our high efficiency Pensotti Panel Radiators can be used as a primary heating distribution system, a supplement to a radiant in-floor distribution system or in conjunction with traditional heating baseboards. Our towels warmers are perfectly sized for providing additional heat in bathrooms.

Discontinued products

Legacy Products. Download documentation