conforto furnace
conforto furnace

4-WAY MULTIPOISE furnace:  Compact, sleek look and innovative design


Triple-pass heat exchanger offering the highest heating efficiency for a standard hiboy furnace – the best performing unit of its kind on the market

Certified Energy Star at all firing rates, with ECM blower motor option


A more even heat and quicker, more precise response to a call for heat from the thermostat

Equipped with an advanced technology AC-ready electronic board


4-way multi-position installation ready without any additional components

Standard chimney venting and optional direct vent balance flue venting available

Can be installed anywhere thanks to its small footprint


Bears the Granby Industries quality seal

Robust and durable combustion chamber

Simple maintenance required

Contact your heating specialist or oil supplier for a quote!

General Characteristics

  • One unit, 4 installation options: - Up flow - Down flow - Horizontal right - Horizontal left
  • Equipped with quick-heat non-refractory stainless steel combustion chamber and secondary heat exchanger that allows the furnace to heat up faster and cool down faster
    • This results in a more even indoor room temperature and additional fuel oil savings
  • Venting options :
    • Using a standard chimney and standard burner
    • Using optional Granby Industries DVS (Direct Vent System) – through-the-wall venting with a balanced flue burner
    • Front breech venting
  • Requires simple maintenance mainly because:
    • Low internal pressure heat exchanger design helps maintain a clean combustion
      • No soot build-up in heat exchanger when doing annual maintenance cleaning
      • Ensures optimal efficiency throughout the heating season
    • No problem if combustion chamber gets accumulated with fuel oil—just wipe off the excess oil
    • No need to ever replace the combustion chamber
    • Made of generic components easy to find and replace
  • Versatile: certified for gas burner conversion