Conforto Electric Boiler - Granby Industries
Conforto Electric Boiler - Granby Industries

CONFORTO Electric boiler – “AT” SERIES C

Our Conforto Electric Boiler is 100% efficient, reducing energy consumption and costs. It uses a probe in an immersion well that continuously transmits water temperature to an advanced microprocessor. The microprocessor reacts by powering only the needed elements to meet real-time demand. Steady and uniform heat is always maintained, and short cycles are eliminated. This innovative technology gives you maximum control over your energy consumption and delivers total comfort. Furthermore, the start-up elements are rotated, ensuring their cumulative run-time remains balanced, increasing their lifespan. Let our innovative technology work for you!


  • 100% Efficient – reduced energy consumption
  • Ideal for radiant systems, applications requiring particular temperature settings and for use as a backup heat source for solar applications.
  • Compact wall-hung design
  • User-friendly LED interface
  • Zero emissions; sustainable heating choice
  • Advanced microprocessor: Safely and efficiently controls heating elements by monitoring their relay contacts
  • Cutting-edge load management: with your authorization, energy providers can remotely reduce your energy consumption during peak demand
  • Water heating range from 90° to 180°F (32-82°C)
  • Dual set points for high/low temperature operation
  • Proven one-piece cast-iron heat exchanger backed by a 20-year warranty

Our Conforto Electric Boiler is compact with integrated brackets, allowing for a wall-mount installation. Installation is simple with minimal floorspace required.

Conforto Electric Boiler - Granby Industries


  • Error code messaging with audible alarm and diagnostic indicator lights
  • Relay contact monitoring
  • Initial startup dry fire protection
  • Flow sensor and low water cutoff connections
  • Freeze protection


Our Conforto Electric Boiler comes in various configurations to best suit your home’s heating needs.

• 2 Element Boiler (from 6 kW to 12 kW)
• 4 Element Boiler (from 12 kW to 24kW)
• Modular Boiler Configurations (40 kW+)

Contact your heating specialist or oil supplier for a quote!

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General Characteristics

  • Designed to work seamlessly with other hydronic heat sources
    • Electric-Wood
    • Electric-Oil
    • Electric-Solar
    • Electric-Natural / Propane Gas
  • Software-based “Smart” Board
  • Four modes of operation for maximum energy savings
  • Constant monitoring of water temperature
  • Will always use the minimum number of elements to supply heating load
    • Maximizes efficiency and reduces operation costs
  • Intelligent control
    • Modulates elements for even wear
  • Outdoor reset capable with sensor included
  • LED diagnostic for operation and services
  • Two activation relays per heating element
    • Added protection for control board
  • Circulating pump activation from electronic board
  • 2 or 3 conductors main electrical wire connection