Granby Industries - Granby QualityMake a responsible choice and opt for a residential oil tank with the Granby seal of quality!

It’s important to us to meet every homeowner’s needs. Therefore, we proudly offer a wide selection of products in different formats and sizes. Whatever the situation, we have a solution!

Yes, biofuel is compatible with steel tank heating products from Granby Industries. Granby Industries offers a range of steel tanks that are designed to be used with biofuel. Our tanks have been tested to ensure that they are safe for use with biofuel. Additionally, Granby Industries offers a range of accessories and components that are designed to be used with biofuel.

All of our residential oil tanks are built to last and boast special features. Our line of fibreglass oil tanks resist corrosion, our 2-in-1 oil tanks have built-in plastic containers and our EcoGard oil tanks feature a double bottom for an extra layer of protection. Whatever your selection, choosing a Granby storage tank is choosing value without compromise.


We have been market leaders in the home heating industry since 1954 and have the experience needed to design and fabricate the highest-quality storage tanks.  Every liquid combustible tank is aligned with homeowners’ needs and concerns.


Our products are among the most reliable on the market, and we proudly stand behind them! For this reason, our Residential Oil Tanks come with the best warranties on the market. With proper installation and maintenance, Granby oil tanks will last for years to come.


We feel strongly about protecting the environment; therefore, preventing oil spills is our top priority. Our products are always in line with the prevailing norms and standards, and we participate actively in keeping our market informed on industry best practices.