Granby OptiFuel de-aerator removes air from the heating oil, making it burn cleaner and more efficiently


Helps deliver cleaner, de-aerated and pre-heated oil to the oil burner

Reduces running vacuum at the oil burner pump for clear, foam-free oil at nozzle

Removes air in the nozzle oil line for optimal fuel atomisation

Eliminates nozzle after-drip.



Compatible with every type of oil storage tanks and all Heating Products’ heating systems including Granby’s Ecogard, 2-in-1, Fiberglass and commercial oil storage tanks and all Granby oil heating equipment.

Offered in three models:

  • Without oil filter (E700)
  • With unit mounted 10µM,10USGPH interior epoxy coated spin-on oil filter (E710F)
  • With unit mounted 10µM, 17USGPH interior epoxy coated spin-on oil filter (E721F)


Keeps oil heating equipment at peak level efficiency during complete heating season

Maximizes the operating efficiency of all oil heat heating equipment including today’s lower input oil heat appliances.

Ensures oil burner trouble-free operation during heating season

Increases protection against environmental oil spills


Contact your heating specialist or oil supplier for a quote!

Technical Specifications

  • ULC Compliant Fusible Link Oil Safety Device exclusive to Granby
  • Dimensions: (W x H x D) 3.75” x 6.4” x 3.75”
  • Burner connection: ¼’’ NPT female thread
  • Tank connection: ¼’’ NPT female thread
  • Maximum nozzle oil flow capacity: 26 gph
  • Maximum return oil-flow capacity: 37 gph
  • Maximum oil flow capacity through the oil de-aerator: 58 gph
  • Air/Gas separation capacity: Over 4 quarts
  • Maximum operating pressure: Max. 5 psi (corresponds to static oil column of approx. 13.5 ft)
  • Maximum vacuum suction capacity: 14.25’’ Hg
  • Design test pressure: 85 psi
  • Maximum recommended ambient operating temperature: 100 °F (38 °C)