4 September 2020
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Cowansville, September 10th, 2020 – Granby Industries is pleased to launch its own oil de-aerator, the OPTIFUEL.  The Granby OptiFuel is the only fully UL/ULC listed oil de-aerator available on the market due to its proprietary fusible link oil safety device. The Granby OptiFuel oil de-aerators are the only oil de-aerators that fully meets all CAN/CSA B139 and NFPA-31 codes requirements.


With the new oil heating technologies brought to the North American market in the last decade, along with the ongoing changes in the chemistry of heating oil (lower sulphur content fuel, bio blended fuels, etc.) the Granby OptiFuel oil de-aerators become the necessary link between the mechanical and chemical changes of heating oil and oil heating equipment. Plus, it adds many reliability and performance benefits to the complete heating system.


Better Heating Oil Quality, Better Operation

Granby OptiFuel helps deliver cleaner, de-aerated and pre-heated oil to the oil burner. It reduces running oil pump vacuum for clear, foam-free oil at the nozzle, optimizing burner ignition and continuous combustion and eliminating nozzle after drip. Using oil de-aerators keeps oil heating equipment at their peak level performance during the complete heating season and ensures trouble free oil burner operation. It allows continuous increased performance combustion to keep heat exchangers cleaner between annual maintenance, resulting in optimal heating equipment efficiency and reduced oil consumption.


Backed by Granby Expertise

The Granby OptiFuel has many features distinguishing it from other oil de-aeration technologies on the market. Granby’s OptiFuel liquid and air cavities are larger providing a greater capacity of oil de-aeration and greater volume of room temperature, de-aerated oil readily available for every burner ignition and during continued burner operation. Also, the OptiFuel plastic cavities are Proofed Barrier™ through a fluorination process that takes place during production to prevent fuel odours from passing through the plastic with time, this is exclusive to Granby OptiFuel AND all Granby 2-in-1 oil tanks by Dehoust. The OptiFuel oil de-aerators are available in a stand-alone de-aerator version (E700) or, offered with a unit mounted 10gph (E710F) or 17gph (E721F) spin-on, interior epoxy coated oil filter versions. All OptiFuel are B100 compatible certifying an optimal performance and functionality with biodiesel.


Now available throughout the industry

Dealers can purchase the Granby OptiFuel oil de-aerators through Granby’s network of wholesalers all over Canada and the US.

You will find more information and technical documents about Granby OptiFuel oil de-aerators, here.


About Granby Industries

Since it was founded in 1954, Granby Industries has become the North American leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of oil tanks for the safe storage and distribution of liquid fuels and heating equipment. Powered by the energy of its multidisciplinary team, Granby Industries strives to offer all its employees a work environment that meets the quality of the products it offers to North American markets. Likewise, we adhere to a rigorous environmental policy. We pay particular attention to the impacts resulting from our actions as much in the manufacturing stages of our products as at the consumers’ place.


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