27 August 2018
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Granby Industries release a new and improved version of its Conforto Lowboy KLE electric furnace, providing customers with an intelligent heating appliance offering more features, power ranges and installation flexibility. Always mindful of innovating and meeting the highest industry’s standards, Granby unveils a range of improvements aimed at increasing the value of this well-known product.

Features of the new Conforto KLE electric furnace

Among the advancements made to the new version of the Conforto KLE furnace are Granby’s intelligent electronic control, which allows modulation of the heating power for increased comfort andConforto KLE: new electric furnace energy savings and a new function that preheats the circulating air when the blower is set in continuous recirculation. The Granby Smart Electronic Control also allows the addition of a single or two-stage heat pump or air conditioning unit. The upgraded device is now available in a wide range of heating capacity raging from 10, 15, 18, 20, 23 and 27 kWh.

Conforto KLE: a new, more ergonomic design

The new design of the Conforto KLE furnace brings access to all components from the front of the unit, making service and maintenance easier. In addition, the new Conforto KLE units are better designed for easy and cost-saving replacement of existing Lowboy oil-fired furnaces.

The release of the new Conforto KLE electric furnace represents a further step towards the simplified integration of electric heating products on the residential heating market. Opting for electric heating is now even easier with this improved product version.


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