28 June 2021
Published in News


It is with great pride that we announce the nomination of our colleague Yves Legault, Vice-President Engineering, Research and Development, for the 2021 Merit Prize awarded by the CSA organization for his dedicated involvement.

The CSA Group is dedicated to environmental protection, sustainability and the common good through the establishment of technical and managerial standards and certifications for the public and private sectors.
Mr. Legault has been a member of various committees within the CSA organization for over 18 years. He had the opportunity to participate in several working groups aimed at regularizing and updating the standards of the oil heating industry.

Yves’ rigor has notably enabled the B140 committee, which oversaw a project to revise 15 standards, to offer Canadians up-to-date, adapted and safe practices that meet the requirements of the industry. The openness, expertise and respect for the work of others demonstrated by Yves made the difference and allowed the completion of a project that turned out to be a great success.
Yves also participated in the working committee which developed the B139 standard. Incidentally, he designed the double-bottomed steel tanks, thereby eliminating episodes of fuel oil spills caused by corrosion and providing the Canadian and US markets with storage products of unmatched reliability.
Over the 18 years devoted to the various CSA committees, Yves has earned the respect of his peers and the credibility of an entire industry by demonstrating participatory leadership and offering his contribution, without counting the hours.
We salute his hard work and dynamic involvement within CSA and congratulate him again on his nomination.